South Windsor Optimist Club



ICE SKATE EVENT     4:15 pm  -  6:05 Pm

                                        SKATE WITH SANTA

Come have some fun ice skating with family, friends and watch for an appearance by Skating Santa Claus

Hosted by the Optimist Clubs of Roseville Fountainblue and Riverside

Location:   WFCU Centre   – Windsor Star Rink

8787 McHugh St. Windsor Ontario 


Limited number of Ice Skates Available to use for Free – Come Early to borrow skates -

A Donation of a non perishable food item would be appreciated.





Kingsville Race Results: 

Hobby Street                   Stock Division                   Super Stock Divison

1….Meghan Malott          1    Brady Malott                       1   Noah Daynes

2….Levon Bradbury        2    Nic Burton                          2   Caitlyn Leaver

3….Kris Weir                    3    Levon Bradbury                3  Haley Ashley

Cottom Race Results
Hobby Street 1              Hobby Street 2                   
1….Meghan Malott      1. Tyler Wightman
2….Emily Neufeld       2. Haley Tiessen
3….Mia Stanley            3. Ben Margerison
Stock Division              Super Stock Division
1. Emily Neufield          1. Carter Sebban
2. Michael Elliot           2. Ben Panjer
3. Kyle Neufeld             3. Tripp Paquette


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